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Redesigning drug research with Organoids

Organome is a technology development company that researches, develops, and commercializes functional organ equivalents, or organoids. Organome envisions to redefine drug research and disease modeling by replacing animal testing with organoids. Organome is responding to a clear need for organoid research banks, where researchers will have easy access to organoids and guide other organoid developers to commercialize their products.


Redesigning drug research and disease modeling by replacing animal testing with functional organ equivalents, or organoids.


There are strong opportunities in personalized and preventive medicine and a need for organoid research banks. Big Pharma and Biotechs outsource their research to specialists like Organome, which is a trend that will continue to grow.


Our cost-effective and high quality organoids serve as usable screening tools and meet the specific requirements related to production, quality control, transport conditions and user guides.


We capitalize on the benefits of leveraging the expertise, production capabilities and sales structure of established organizations.


The Mini Brain model is groundbreaking technology that offers in vitro testing alternatives for drug profiling and neurotoxicity hazard identification to several major industries.


We are growing organically into a commercial organoid developer, manufacturer and seller with the creation of our platform for exchanging research materials, specifically designed to help other organoid developers commercialize their products.